ESWM V - Gjerdingen

2020 / Oslomarka

The watercourses in Marka form an extensive network of lakes and rivers. They are dammed up and function as regulated water basins that supply Oslo with water and regulate flooding. The lakes and rivers are popular swimming destinations, fishing spots, ice skating and canoeing sites.
During winter the lake is criss-crossed by several skitrails made by a snowmobile. The waterlevel can be regulated down with 7 m.

The project is a floating raft, accessible by skiing during the winter, and by canoe or swimming during the summer. The raft has one anchorpoint as foundation at 15 meters deep, making it possible for the raft to follow the waterline when regulated, while drifting with the wind, making the raft directionless.
The roof functions as a sundeck and jumping spot. The enclosed space of the raft offers a totally different experience to the vast open lake, it has no windows, an only gets its light from the smokehole through the roof. The gallery around the enclosed space is an intermediate space between the edge towards the water and the enclosed space, here there are benches, storing and firewood.

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