ESWM IV - Spålen-Katnosa

2020 / Oslomarka

Industrial forestry is practiced in the whole forest, except for the stately protected conservation areas. The most commonly used method for forestry is clean cutting big areas of forest at once. Continuous forestry over time prohibits the propagation of endangered species from one conservation area, to the next.

The project proposes to connect two conservation areas, creating the possibility for species to travel and propagate, while still practicing industrial forestry within the same area.
By following existing rules and making new ones, the final figure of the project consists of 47 equal spaces in size, though different in shape and topography. These spaces are surrounded by a network of primal forest, for species to travel.

Geometric plantingschemes are introduced to optimize forestry and define a geometry within the dynamic forms of the clear cuts, that defy clear definition as shape. When a room is to be cut, treestubs with painted marks are left to guide the way.

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