ESWM III - Kamphaug

2020 / Oslomarka

The forest is a field of past and present infrastructures, dotted with the ruins of mills, sawmills, cabins, small power stations, summer mountain pastures and farms. These infrastructures created clearings in the forest, together forming an archipelago of gardens. Due to the unprofitability of operating small scale farms, many of these cultural landscapes and heritages are partly or fully overgrown. The project revitalizes one of these soon to be fully overgrown farms.
The space is defined by a wall that surrounds the clearing. The wall is made by stones cleared from the agricultural fields. The project reuses these stones and assembles them as a composite fence of stones and concrete around the clearing. The fence encloses the space for 8 wild sheep that clear the clearing by grazing. The fence is built by circular formwork in 3 radius sizes, adjusting to terrain and making for a self-stabilizing shape. The 5 buildings are part of the fence, placed in the forest while still overlooking the clearing.

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