ESWM II - Ullevålseter Kraftlinje

2020 / Oslomarka

The high-voltage powerlines that cut through the forest supply Oslo with its electricity. They do not obstruct any programmatic use of Marka, but the common opinion still seems to be that the masts and cuts are intrusive and that they violate nature.  The site is situated on a peak with a view deep into the forest to the north, and the city and sea to the south. A smaller powerline crosses the bigger one and provides electricity for 3 lightposts.

The project consists of a table and a toilet. The table is made in concrete, with benches of logs on one side and stones on the other. The table is placed directly under the powerlines, with a view towards both sides of the cut, and the summing of power above ones head. The toilet is placed in a new cut in the forest, created by a lightpost in front of the toilet. The cut leading to and the space inside the toilet are made to contrast the large cut and masts. The toilet is intimate, with beams dwelling directy above ones head, lit through the glassroof.

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