ESWM I - Furuskogen T

2020 / Oslomarka

The periphery of the forest functions like parks in the city. This transition is characterized by large parkinglots, schools, and larger institutions. The project proposes to extend the most popular metroline with one stop into the forest, surpassing the park-band.
The site of the new endstop is a pineforest. The pineforest is a field, a collection of trees, rocks and logs, distributed evenly and repeating the same conditions as one wanders through.

  The metrostation takes form as a dam, holding an ocean of gravel that fills out the small indentation in the landscape. The gravel secures an even surface that holds up well against wear and tear. The dam that holds the gravel is a building with a small kiosk, toilets, and resting room for metrodrivers. The neccesary infrastructure and furniture of the station follows the rules of the pineforest as field, distributed as islands in an ocean of gravel.

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